Second post

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to send you an update on the progress of the volume on dialect classifications in Europe for which you have promised to write a contribution on LANGUAGE.

We don’t have to explain that the pandemic has had a serious impact on academic life and on this project. Furthermore, several colleagues in the East of Europe are strongly affected by the war in Ukraine.

Until now, we have received 22 papers (out of 49) and we are looking forward to receive your paper.

Continuing with a digital and printed volume would result in a long delay in publication or even failure of the project.  To avoid this scenario, we tried to find a solution that would enable to start publishing as soon as possible, respecting the original intention of the project (state-of the art overviews, enabling comparison between languages, open access). We found a journal in the field of dialectology that is interested in our project and accepted to publish three special issues (end 2022, mid 2023, end 2023).

The journal is Dialectologia (, a fully electronic international journal based in Spain, that is ranked Q2 in the Scimago Journal Rank. Our own website,, will be expanded to support the project and to expand its visibility and use.

We would like to ask you whether you are still interested in writing a contribution on your language and agree on publishing your paper in this journal. We would appreciate if you continue to work with us and confirm this by replying to this message.

The new deadlines for submisision are;

  • 1 November 2022 (publication in issue 2)
  • 1 April 2023 (publication in issue 3)

We are looking forward to continue our collaboration and wish you a nice summer.

Gotzon Aurrekoetxea

Ariane Ensunza

Jožica Škofic

Hans Van de Velde

22. 7. 2022