Scientific Terms

Scientific terms have been collected that a priori will be useful in writing the project chapters. It is not eassy to enclose or narrow down the terms needed in this kind of works. Some of them may be not valide or may be needless. It is not easy to guess what is fundamental, necessary or accessory, for people of such broad scientific cultures, although all of them are experts on the subject. We are more concerned about those that might be missing in this list, than those that are superfluous. The goal is that we all use the same terms and use them with the same meaning. That is to say, that a notion is used with the same expression. It is crucial at work that we all use terms with the same meaning. If you need to use other terms, please let us know and we will add them to the list. All terms have been provided with definitions. For definitions it has been chosen general websites and not for specific articles. They may not be the best definitions and some may even be confusing or unclear, but we hope they are helpful.